My Grandfather gave me my first ever crystal; I had never seen anything like it. I was drawn to the colours and the way it sparkled. I picked it up and held it in my hand. It felt like it was giving off warmth. Fast forward 40+ years and I still have that Amethyst. I hope you too can start your love affair with crystals.

Raw Amethyst Point on a white background

In this blog post, we will cover crystals that can be used in a variety of different situations. We will start with Amethyst. Amethyst is a great crystal to have on hand for a variety of different situations. It's a great crystal to have on hand for meditation, as it is a very peaceful stone. It is a good stone to help protect you against negativity and bad vibes. Some people like to carry the stone when they need to interact with others, so that they can keep their energy positive. and protected.Amethyst is a stone of peace. It is thought to help reduce stress.

Amethyst Tumble Stones on a White Background

Clear Quartz Crystal  comes in a variety of gemstone points. The most popular point is the standard clear quartz gemstone point. It is completely clear, and have no colour in it. Crystal Quartz is a master healer. You simply must acquire one.

Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster on a white background

Another crystal must-have is Smokey (also spelled Smoky) Quartz, which has a brown tint in the clear quartz. Smoky Quartz is a stone of grounding and protection. It is believed that Smoky Quartz will clear away negative energy and provide protection against the same. My grandfather, who was a fabulous gemologist, would find Smokey Quartz in Queensland, bring them home, polish them and have them in and around the house. He was a wise and clever man.

Smokey Smoky Quarts Terminator points

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular and much loved crystals - and this is the reason why; it is a stone of unconditional love, of forgiveness, peace, tranquility, and contentment , as well as a powerful healing stone. This is one of the most soothing and calming stones, and will help to cleanse, open, and heal the heart chakra. It can also help to bring patience and tolerance to the heart. , and will help to balance the yin-yang energies of male and female energies.

My crystal love affair would be incomplete without mentioning Selenite. Selenite can be used to purify and clear the body and environment. It is a great crystal to use to clear and cleanse the home and office space. Selenite is also a great crystal for meditation and spiritual work. Selenite can be used to clear and balance   all the chakras. Selenite can be used to connect to the moon energy, allowing one to go with the flow of life. Selenite is also a very protective stone, used to protect one from negative energy, it can create a psychic shield around one's body. This is a very good stone to use for meditation. Selenite is a great stone for any type of healing. Selenite has the ability to dissolve stress and tension - please look at our Selenite Rods as a tool to help with your meditative practice.

Outstretched hand with an open palm holding an egg shaped Selenite crystal


It's an honour to join you on your crystal journey.