5 Sterling Silver spinning rings for anxiety
hand wearing one sterling silver anxiety ring
woman wearing a green jacket and denim jeans with 4 anxiety spinning rings stacked


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These cute, attractive, fashionable stacker rings are a secret weapon to combat anxiety! 

This spinner ring has a very calming, almost meditative effect on the mind and body and like a worry stone, the act of spinning the beads takes your mind away from your worries and troubles.

Anxiety manifests itself in so many ways, for me it was biting my nails, then biting the skin around my bails to the point where I was bleeding. Not only was this acutely embarrassing, I felt ashamed at what I had done to myself.

Wear one, wear two, wear as many as you like and enjoy the bliss that comes from quietly rolling the silver beads.



As I relax and slow my breathing, I spin my ring and my anxiety flows out.



Material: Sterling Silver 925

US Size 6  |  5 cm circumference

US Size 7 |  5.5cm circumference

US Size 8  |  6 cm circumference

Weight: 0.5 grams